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Frank Foster


Frank Foster is a prolific Louisiana-born musician and former oilfield worker who has had a strong ride up the charte in the 2010s. He released his first album “Rowdy Reputation,” in 2011. That was followed by “Red Wings and Six Strings”, which debuted on the Billboard Country Charts at No. 30 in 2012. Each and every song from both of those albums have become nightly singalongs at his shows. Foster’s third album, 2013's “Southern Soul,” debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard Country Charts, and album No. 4, “Rhythm and Whiskey,” debuted at No. 4. His fifth album, 2016’s “Boots On the Ground,” landed on the Billboard charts at No. 7, and later that year came his sixth full-length release, “Good Country Music,” which entered the chart at No. 13.