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Breast Screening Thermograms

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Cindy Sullivan, CCT, Clinical travel Thermographer nurse, will be offering screening breast thermograms at: DR SANDRA MCILVAIN 1901 N HIGHWAY 16 DENVER NC 28038 TEL: 704-464-9910 She will be performing screening breast thermograms and appointments are available. Breast Thermography is a noninvasive, inexpensive test that does not involve breast compression or radiation exposure. While it does not replace mammograms, thermography is FDA-approved since 1982 as an adjunctive tool for breast health screening. It measures infrared heat from the tissues, using technology like color weather maps; increased heat can be a signal of new blood vessel growth feeding a tumor. Thermography can enhance early detection of most fast-growing breast cancers, and is especially useful for women with dense breasts or premenopausal. The initial thermogram screening process takes about 15 minutes, please call for pricing. Results will be interpreted by a Board Certified Medical Doctor, and the originals mailed to the patient within 10 days. A copy of the interpretation can go to the physician of choice. Please call 704-464-9910 to make an appointment.