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March Lupus Foundation Support Group- Central Charlotte

Community Event

This group meets the second Wednesday of each month. There is no charge to attend the meetings, and drop-ins are welcome. Contact the LFANC at or at 877-849-8271, ext. 1. For more information, visit This group provides participants with an opportunity to receive introductory information about lupus, encourage the expression of concerns, provide an opportunity to share experiences, encourage and support positive coping strategies, and emphasize the importance of medical treatment. Meeting programs vary from guest speakers to DVD presentations and open group discussion. TELECONFERENCE Working with Your Pharmacist Wednesday, March 22, 2017 7:00 8:00 PM, EST Learn how to manage those different medications and communicate with an important member of your health care team, your pharmacist. Also learn about all the different medications you need to manage day to day and learn tips on avoiding side effects and drug interactions. Presenter: Susan Corbett, PharmD, RPh, and Lupus Thriver