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Develar y Detonar: Contemporary Mexican Photography

Photography, Museum

Develar y Detonar (Reveal and Detonate) features the powerful, thought-provoking work of more than 40 of Mexicoís leading photographers. This not-to-be-missed exhibition examines the wide range of approaches that these photographers use to explore subjects, ranging from their own personal histories and relationships to their engagement with the countryís diverse landscape to pressing social and political issues ranging from land use, drug trade, and immigration to beauty, sexuality, and gender. Ranging in size from a few inches across to floor-to-ceiling murals, some of these works are highly formal; others make a play for sheer beauty; still others are manipulated or staged to instill a sense of magic and wonder. Develar y Detonar promises to open an engaging dialogue around the power of photography to both document and question many aspects of modern life, examining issues that are not isolated to residents of Mexico but that stretch across cultures and borders, connecting us all. This exhibition is drawn from the Televisa Foundationís rich collection of contemporary art; after having been seen in Madrid and Mexico City, The Mint Museumís presentation marks its North American debut. Develar y Detonar is also the central exhibition in a community-wide initiative celebrating Mexican photography titled In Focus/Enfoque, which currently will involve many arts and cultural organizations across Charlotte this fall. Note: Parents may wish to preview the exhibition before viewing with younger visitors. See website for accurate museum hours.