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Enhanced States of Consciousness Workshop

Health & Wellness/Nutrition

Humans have been chasing enhanced states of consciousness since the dawn of time. Ancient texts and spiritual teachings tell us that they hold the key to countless blessings including spiritual awakening. In this experiential workshop you will learn how these "peak experiences" can be leveraged to bring about huge leaps in personal growth and spiritual development. You will be guided through 6 multi-sensory self-activation techniques to help bring you to new states of awakened consciousness. These self-activation techniques will harness the power of all 6 of your senses to raise your frequency and enhance your overall well-being. Each participant will go home with special gifts from the workshop including recordings of all the self-activation meditations for at home practice. This workshop is the culmination of over 11 years of study and brought about by my own experiences of spiritual awakening and enhanced states of consciousness.