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Shine A Light When Itís Gray Out

Art Show, Design, Museum, Mixed Media, Installations, Painting, Textiles

Fine artist Stephen Wilson's newest series Shine A Light When Itís Gray Out is being shown at Charlotteís New Gallery of Modern Art from March 3, 2018, to April 7, 2018, during regular business hours. With installations at Nordstrom SouthPark as well as galleries and museums across the United States Shine A Light marks Wilsonís most anticipated series to date. Central to Shine A Light are Wilsonís unique signature creations - hundreds of butterflies composed of as many as 100,000 embroidered stitches each. The stark contrast of their flight against a dark canvas speaks to his message of finding inspiration and communal interconnectedness during our societyís darkest hours. Inspired by Lin-Manuel Mirandaís Hamilton, private conversations with Brunello Cucinelli, and the birth of Wilsonís first child, Shine A Light When Itís Gray Out is a gorgeously detailed, physical manifestation of love and positivity.