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North Carolina Organizations Contributions to the War Effort


Matthew M. Peek with the State Archives of North Carolina will discuss CNC Organizations Contribution to the War Effort will explore the roles of home front organizations that were created nationally and statewide to facilitate war activities and mobilize civilians in all aspects of supporting the war effort. The talk will focus on the role of the North Carolina Council of Defense in managing the home front, and facilitating communication to national organizations and the U.S. War Department. From food rationing to fuel consumption to encouraging immigrants to form American patriot societies, North Carolina wartime organizations controlled and infiltrated all aspects of the citizenry’s daily lives. Other organizations’ to be explored will include the American Red Cross, U.S. Food Administration—North Carolina, Soldiers’ Business Aid Committee, and the U.S. Fuel Administration—North Carolina. The program will be based on and feature original records held in the Military Collection at the State Archives of North Carolina.