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League of Women Voters Charlotte Mecklenburg League Talk


The public is invited to join the League of Women Voters Charlotte Mecklenburg for our League Talk Speakers Bureau. This month we are honored to host two members from Charlotte's City Council: Edmund Driggs, a 3-term Republican for District 7 and first-term Democrat Larken Egleston, representing District 1. The League of Women Voters Charlotte Mecklenburg is pleased to provide these two Councilmembers with a public forum in which to share their insights about current issues and how they and their respective parties plan to address them. Councilmember Driggs serves on the Economic Development and Budget Committees; Councilmember Egleston sits on the Environment and Transportation Committees, and both serve on the Housing and Neighborhood Planning Committee. Ample time will be reserved for questions. This is a great opportunity to discover how our City Council plans to address some of the challenges facing our city!