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Shinning the Light on the Golden Years – Planning Ahead


What plans have you made to prepare for your future in the golden years? We plan throughout our life – college, graduation, marriage, family, career, etc. Why then would you not also make plans for retirement, your health care needs as you age, and end of life? Most people are under the assumption that when they get older, Medicare will cover long term healthcare needs, when in fact it does not. So what plans do you have in place for your care? Planning for your wishes to be carried out at the end of life should also be part of your planning process. It can be very comforting and bring a feeling of peace knowing that this has been done, not to mention a relief to family members that would be faced with making your end of life decisions at a time when they are emotionally distressed. Make sure you have covered the bases for when you age. Don’t wait until you’re entering your golden years to make a plan, your plan should already be in place long before you need it. To learn how you can have the best laid out plan for your aging future, join these experts for a FREE educational workshop on planning for your golden years. The professional panel of speakers will include: independent living, assisted living, nursing care, home care, palliative care, hospice care, Medicare and Medicaid, and other community aging resources. The panel will offer a case study of an aging couple as they navigate through the healthcare continuum. The information is also excellent for those wishing to help their parents who have neglected planning for their later years. The workshop will be held at South Iredell Senior Center on Fri., May 11, noon - 1:30 p.m. and a light lunch will be provided to accommodate work schedules. An aging specialist would charge hundreds of dollars for the same type of information, but through this panel you can receive it for free. To attend, please call 704-662-3337 and RSVP by May 4. There will be no selling or asking for personal information. This workshop is for educating the non-senior community in preparing to age, but it is open to anyone interested.