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Breakfast with your Senior Tar Heel Legislator


You are invited to coffee and a light breakfast with your Senior Tar Heel Delegate, Denise Bair and Alternate, Joanne Gisonda to hear about their recent visit to the Legislatures in Raleigh. Join them on Mon., April 16 at 9 a.m. at South Iredell Senior Center. They will provide information on the Governorís Advisory Council on Aging Recommendations and Legislative Priorities and share how the N.C. Tar Heel Legislature advocates on the behalf of senior adults. Information will be given on the efforts made by the Senior Tar Heel Legislature for the Home Community Care Block Grant Funding and whatís happening with the Older American Act Reauthorization. They will also discuss ways that seniors can individually advocate for senior centers and older adults. There will be an open dialog session for you to have your voice heard, make your opinion count, and have your questions answered. Our Senior Tar Heel Legislators are eager to get your feedback on issues of concern. Remember, decisions by Legislation affect you and the services you receive as an older adult, so keep informed and give your input.