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Teach Us All, annual movie fundraiser for the Shalom Park Freedom School

Children, Film, For the Family, Benefit/Fundraiser

Please come support the Shalom Park Freedom School (SPFS) by coming to a screening of Teach Us All, a documentary that is insightful and thought-provoking. Each year there is a movie night which serves as the largest fundraiser to support the SPFS. SPFS Fundraiser Co-chairs Christy Horwitz and Amy Andrews were able to choose a film that they are very excited to share with the community. Andrews describes the documentary in the following words: Released in 2017, Teach Us All takes a critical look at educational inequality that is as much a pressing civil rights issue today as it was sixty years ago when the “Little Rock Nine” courageously moved to integrate an all-white southern high school. Told through moving case studies in Little Rock, New York City and Los Angeles, the film calls on each of us to think about how much – or how little – has changed in our educational system and sets the stage for the vital conversation about where we go from here. The SPFS will be opening its doors for the 8th summer to serve 80 students from Huntingtowne Farms and Sterling Elementary schools that are from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. The goals of the SPFS are to provide a 6-week program to facilitate literacy and character-building for these scholars. Preliminary research suggests these efforts are making a difference for participants in the Freedom School. Without summer programs like the SPFS, 75% of students from low income homes are estimated to lose 2-3 months of learning over the summer. In contrast, 90% of scholars gained or maintained their reading ability. For more information about the SPFS please visit and please “like” or Facebook page as updates will be provided frequently including pictures of our volunteers and scholars.