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Coping Mechanisms for Stressed Caregivers


Join Iredell Hospice on Fri., May 25 at 11:30 a.m. and enjoy lunch while you learn how to better cope with your stress as a caregiver. Many of you are faced with caring for your older adult parent/s. You attend to many of the tasks that they no longer can do themselves, everything from paying bills, to personal care and medical needs. These responsibilities as a caregiver along with life’s other demands can be overwhelming and create an incredible amount of stress in one’s life. This workshop is being offered to help you better cope with the stress that you face as a caregiver. The time is scheduled during lunch and a meal is being provided to accommodate work schedules. Although the workshop is designed for adult children who are caregivers for their parents, it is open to anyone interested. To attend, RSVP by calling 704-662-3337 by May 18.