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Kings X with Sound & Shape and Clay Howard

Special Event, Rock

King's X King's X is an American rock band that combines progressive metal, funk and soul with vocal arrangements influenced by gospel, blues, and British Invasion rock groups. The band's lyrics are largely based on the members' struggles with religion and self-acceptance. King's X was ranked No. 83 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Sound & Shape "We don't have to buy what they sell." It's a lyric from Sound & Shape's new EP, but it could also be seen as an ethos the band has clung to for the length of its career. Starting off in a time where Rock And Roll was seen as almost passe and practically unmarketable, the band saw a point on the horizon and has worked tirelessly to reach it. An artistic vision based on both brutal honesty are theatric artiface, Sound & Shape's body of work speaks as a testament to the belief in the transformative power of music, Rock and Roll specifically. Clay Howard I sing songs with people I like for whoever wants to show up. It is about the song(s) and creating music with and for people who love music.