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The Sweet Science of Resilience - Panel


Boxing was coined the phrase “Sweet Science” in the 1800’s as it acknowledges that boxers are both methodical and tough. Similar to boxing, many businesses are unable to see past the tough challenges that can aggressively knock them out, and they close their eyes to the incredible abilities of resilience. In business, resilience requires a skillful craft that involves strategy and forethought, similar to boxing. Does your resiliency program go beyond compliance? Is your resilience program inclusive of Crisis Communications/Reputation Management, Ethics, Information Security, and Business Continuity? What’s the return on investment to your organization? Attend this panel to meet professionals with an in-depth understanding of resilience, who challenge their organizations to go a step beyond with active engagement and discipline. The intended audience for this session includes: executives responsible for managing risk (Chief Risk Officer’s, Chief Information Security Officers, VP’s of Corporate/Brand Crisis Communications), Business Owners, Presidents, Executive Directors, Corporate Security, Risk Management, Information Technology and Business Continuity professionals.