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Yoga for a Healthy Back with Chelisa Alavedra

Health & Wellness/Nutrition, Class/Workshop

This series is designed to focus on specific areas of the back: hips and low back, upper and mid-back, neck and shoulders. Specific yoga poses will be taught to create a strong, stable foundation for the spine by strengthening the legs and hips, lengthening back muscles and creating space in the torso for greater range of motion.What youíll learn: Understand YOUR back, how your spine moves, and how to take great care of it! Practice key yoga poses integrated with breath work to relieve tension and stress Strengthen deep core muscles to increase stability through alignment Use props in the studio to support YOUR back and practice Open to all levels Each class includes a short discussion and yoga practice A yoga mat is highly recommended. CEUís Available Investment: $98 for 4 week series or $30 per drop-in class