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Summer Love Fest 2018


This year, is a bit different; we’ve rebranded from ‘Summer Love Music & Arts Festival’ to ‘Summer Love Fest’ and that is important. We changed the name to embody the vision and to ultimately expand our influence of entertainment for future years. Although music and arts will remain incorporated, we want to provide a unique themed event to exemplify our message, annually. This year, our ‘cultural influence’ theme will allow us to open our doors, inviting new friends and ideas. We will offer a unique blend of cultural incorporation from the 4 countries playing world-cup soccer throughout our event; Germany, Sweden, Mexico, & S. Korea. A positive gathering where people can feel comfortable and inspired, we promote what we believe is helping build a better future for Charlotte. That’s our motto.. 2 Bands & 2 Solo Acts 2 World Cup games Food Buffet from 4 different countries Open Bar (2-5p) Live Grafitti German Beer fest tent & more.. 11a: Mexico v S Korea 2p: Germany V Sweden • Nacho bar 11:30-1:30p • Soju Tasting until 2p • Live music @ halftime of both games • Raffles & Giveaways • German ‘Beer Fest Tent’ o Foods from Oktoberfest o Beer pong with paddles o Prizes for best dressed o Open Bar 2-5pm o Team Games • Swedish Dessert Cart (Cinnamon buns :) & Much More..