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One Woman Campaign: Local Store Helps To Rescue Human Trafficking Victims

Benefit/Fundraiser, Ethnic

The Marketplace, a store selling fair trade products in Cornelius, NC, is partnering with Samaritan Creations in Bangkok, Thailand to help rescue women from human trafficking. The public is invited to attend a special presentation by Kay Killar, the director of Samaritan Creations on July 18th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and take part in a campaign to raise funds to help women out of sex trafficking. Ms. Killar will share what it is like to walk the Red-Light District in Bangkok and build relationships with women trapped in the never-ending cycle of forced prostitution. Fair trade items crafted by victims escaping the plight of trafficking will be featured and sold at the event. The Marketplace is located at 19725 Oak Street, Cornelius, NC 28031. More Details about ONE WOMAN CAMPAIGN: In January, The Marketplace launched their ‘One Woman Campaign’, to raise funds to help a victim of sex trafficking by providing medical and dental services, training skills and employment by asking customers to donate an extra dollar with every purchase. As customers embraced the effort to help, three more women have been additionally rescued and provided treatment services. “It takes approximately $4,440 to help rescue a victim from trafficking,” explains Marisa Sellman, Executive Director and Founder of The Marketplace. “The costs will cover rent, skills building, medical, dental and even educational needs of her and her children.” The Marketplace hopes to increase awareness about the plight of human trafficking victims all over the world, through education, awareness and promotion of fairly traded goods and services. To learn more about this campaign, go to or visit them on Facebook at