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Jewelry Trunk Show - Tina Alberni

Jewelry/Gems, Art Show

Our July Featured Artist will feature her artisan jewelry on July 28th only. The rest of the month you can see her fine art at Azure Sky Gift Boutique. Alberni is an awarded, fulltime artist who has been practicing as an artist, administrator and teacher in the visual & graphic arts fields since the early 90’s. She has exhibited and sold to collectors spanning 5 continents. “I got into jewelry making several years ago during a period when I could not paint. My work as a visual artist and as an artisanal jewelry maker is steeped in color and I do wake-up everyday ready to be energized by the creative process, working by day in my art studio, and by night in my artisanal jewelry studio.” The knotted jewelry designs are inspired by the Inca culture, and the metal, charm and chained jewelry combines contemporary vibes. Both approaches combine unlikely materials into harmonious art pieces to wear. The idea of using knots came from her desire to communicate as the Incas did more than 1000 years ago. They created a sophisticated language device of colorful clusters of knots called “Quipu”. A quipu is a cluster of knotted fibers which, back then, communicated statistics and ideas. It was the equivalent to our writing." Hence why several pieces have titles. Much of her work is inspired by present thoughts and color combinations found in nature.” Alberni’s jewelry is well made and different from anything you typically see on the market. Her love for fair trade and working with people around the globe to acquire special and unusual beading pieces adds to the creative process, making it interesting and purposeful. Depending on style, necklaces can be worn in a variety of ways and several can be adjusted to desired length. Beads she often uses: African metal, bone, clay, coconut, copper, crystal, fiber, gemstone, glass, recycled/repurposed material, horn, sustainable tagua and sibucau nuts, paper, pewter, porcelain, resin, acai, huayruro seeds, sustainable congolo