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Mamizi Women's Conference

Convention, Business

We dedicate ourselves to developing creative women by helping them achieve their goals. Mamizi three sectors are "Media" "Small Business/Entrepreneurship" and "Technology." The focus this year in the Technolgy space will be FinTech. In Media, we are covering Digital Content and its evolution. Our Entrepreneurship focus will center around the pressure of "choices vs options." Mamizi is the platform the curates an ecosystem for women to develop a blueprint for success in the entrepreneurial space, whether it is Fintech or another industry. Over 300 will be in attendance at this year's experience. Come learn and build with others. To see the full list of presenters, speakers, and special guest, please visit URLs: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Price RSVP - Early Bird: USD 54.84 RSVP - General: USD 107.62 RSVP - General: USD 160.41 Marketplace - Vendor: USD 529.92 Speakers: Angela Yee, DeAlva Wilson, Maya Hicks, Bri Funte, Stacy Cassio, Ciara Bird