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Raul Diaz: Reflection

Art Show, Art Talk, Gallery, Painting, Sculpture

The topics of Raul Diazí paintings are the topics of life, an exploration of metaphors, if you will. People and history become part of the things that form us from infancy. Memories from his childhood, perhaps simply a series of shapes or figures, reoccur in his work. In this new body of work he continues the exploration of boats as a metaphor for life and its continuing relationships and expands the metaphor to include the cone, possibly interpreted as a megaphone, as a symbol of how one's perspective and influence can expand exponentially throughout life if one allows it. Diaz' belief is that we all live in a world struggling with conflicts, and how to resolve them, and that art encourages reflection and growth in one's life. The exhibition includes carved and painted wood panels as well as sculptures in both bronze and wood.