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Noise & Toys Tour: Charlotte

Social Event, Tour, Flea Market, Craft Show

The niche designer-toy underground is fast-growing into an underground pop art phenomenon! The "Noise & Toys Tour" is a pop-up event designed to provide the experienced or uninitiated art-toy collectors a more intimate setting than would be possible at a big comic con type conventions. Our unique boutique approach allows everyone to engage with and discover fresh local and traveling artists, while introducing these art-toy makers to audiences looking to discover something new. Each evening features an eclectic mix of noisy bands, plus curated designer art-toy artists for you to peruse. More information on the "Noise & Toys Tour" is available in our Press Kit and on our FB Event page. We have listed over 20 artists and over 15 bands involved in this 7 day touring event. For more information visit our EPK here: For a complete list of acts and artists (including links to the artists) see our FB Event Page: