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Transparency Project

Art Talk

Local Entrepreneur, and emerging curator, Jordan T. Robinson, is conducting a series of workshops throughout the state of North Carolina in preparation for an Exhibition held in November. The exhibition, “Transparency”, is an initiative to use art as a platform for the Trans community in North Carolina. Robinson is hosting workshops throughout the major cities in the state and plans to host the exhibition in Raleigh as a statement for North Carolinians to support their fellow neighbors who so happen to be trans. “The exhibition is really about representation…” Robinson says, “and what better way to represent somebody than to let them tell us who they are and wat their needs, issues, strengths are. Based on how people are represented in culture could affect their reality based on the actions other make based on their bias. I want to advocate for a community that is underserved by doing what I do best, producing shows.” The Transparency Project Robinson is producing is a response to a series of events as far back as 2015 with the HB2 debate that challenged Trans citizens’ freedom to use the bathroom of their choosing. Followed that, was the President’s Executive order to dismiss and ban Trans soldiers, which was the final straw for Robinson. “When I saw the coverage on the news, something went off in me that said ‘if there is a time to do this project, it is now.’ And since then, I have been working on this project.” Seeking to establish his career in the Arts, Robinson has been producing exhibitions independently under his creative brand, JTR Presents, which offers creative services, from photography to logo and branding, to help fund productions like Transparency. In doing so, Robinson seeks to help the community through the works by emerging contemporary artists and overall contributes to what he believes is expanding the value of Art & Design. More information can be found at his website, .